Michael  Baker 

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Multi talented Michael Baker has made his footprint in the music world as a highly acclaimed drummer in all genres of music. Add accomplished producer, writer, singer, and music director to the list and you have a rare talent.  With a legacy ranging from pop to rock, jazz to R&B and everything in between, Michael's unique and distinctive sense of rhythm has made him a favored drummer among the world's most elite artists such as Whitney Houston, Al Jarreau, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and Bruce Hornsby. 

As the music director and drummer for the last 18 years of Whitney Houston's renowned career, Michael has countless accomplishments including the role of arranger and conductor for the American Music awards where Whitney performed "Didn't Know My Own Strength" in the acceptance of her prestigious  Lifetime Achievement award and Grammy performances. 


For many years, Michael has been associated with producer David Guest as drummer for numerous shows and benefits at Madison Square Garden, including the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special. Michael has performed with hip hop singer Ashanti at the Grammy Awards, performed at Carnegie Hall with artists such as the Zawinul Legacy Band and Sting in his 'Save the Rain Forest' concerts, as well as concerts showcasing Taylor Dane, Simply Red, Celine Dion and the late Aliyah, Michael was the drummer for Annie Lennox and Hozier at the 2015 Grammy Awards and the Nostalgia Live concerts and videos. Michael's laid back nature and individualistic style has earned him respect throughout the industry.

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