'I had the pleasure of working with Michael Baker, who contributed his superb drumming skills to various live performances of my last album - ‘Nostalgia’ - a selection of recordings taken from the Classic American Songbook of the 1930’s.

It was the first time we’d worked together and it is always a joy and privilege to perform with musicians such as Michael, who are masters of their craft.

The stunning roster of artists he has collaborated with over the years includes many of the world’s most renowned and celebrated artists of our time.

Which makes me feel very fortunate to now be part of Michael's 'club’ !!

Annie Lennox 

"Michael Baker is an extremely important part of my musical development and growth as an artist. No one has interpreted my music better than he has, or has mastered as many genres on the drums as he has. He is simply one of the greatest drummers I've ever played with."

Billy Childs

"Michael Baker is one of the greatest musicians I know. In 1998 he came in and changed the way the drums are played in my band,  He became the new paradigm from then on. On a groove and creativity level he is as good as it gets, for me."

Bruce Hornsby

"I have known Michael Baker for  at least three decades. I've always thought of him as the complete package; renown drummer, vocalist, song writer, and musical director. This multi-talented musician has played for some of the top icons in the business, and in addition, possesses one of the most inviting spirits that I've ever come in contact with. 


Michael Baker is an asset to any musical venture he takes on. It is an absolute pleasure to know him."


Gerald Albright

"Mike is one of those drummers I was always in awe of whenever we had the chance to play together. I never told him that because I didn't want to come off as some crazy fan. Lol !! He's one of those drummers that when you say his name, musicians say two things; one, he's a beast on drums and two, he's such a beautiful person. That to me is how anyone would want to be viewed. He really is a rare individual."

Dwight Sills